Creating a standard

Bloozie is introducing a new way of creating and sharing rich graphic documents for the iPad. By using Adobe InDesign and a few plug-ins, which are free, you are able to create SwipeDocs document very easily. Transfer the documents to the iPad using drag and drop via iTunes, or sharing documents using the Bloozie community.

With the SwipeDocs app you can swipe docs on the iPad with ease, tap on the unique scrollwheel, to show the menu, tab once more to show page navigation. Tap twice on the page to hide the scrollwheel and tap twice to show it again.

With Bloozie SwipeDocs we try to create a new open standard for viewing rich media on the iPad, without having a special app for different documents. Full documentation for using and creating packages is available in the help document, included in the SwipeDocs app.
Available now on iTunes!

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